Why PharmaForensics Laboratories?

PharmaForensics Laboratories was founded on two core principles

  • A strong belief in the legal process
  • Rigorous science can lead to knowledge and truth

We aren’t the typical contract lab

Many contract laboratories are capable of performing routine technical analyses and providing results to their customers, but the services they provide aren't personalized and they're often inflexible. The client often has no idea who is overseeing or completing the work and often must interpret raw data themselves. This approach works well for the scientific research community, but it isn't ideal for attorneys with limited technical background and a tight time frame, or for matters that need custom experimentation with specialized equipment.

Fortunately, PharmaForensics Laboratories isn't a typical contract laboratory:

  • Our services are solely focused on the needs of attorneys.
  • We are experienced in all types of intellectual property matters and have testified at depositions and trials.
  • We offer credibility. All work is managed and executed by PhD scientists.
  • We provide customized solutions. Our experimental services include Chemical Analysis, Biochemical Analysis, Chemical Synthesis, Genetics/Molecular Biology and Genomics/Microbiology.
  • We bring the highest standard of academic excellence and scientific rigor to every project.
  • We are efficient and responsive. Tight deadlines are not a problem.
  • We effectively communicate throughout the engagement.
  • We offer credibility. All work is managed and executed by PhD scientists.

PharmaForensics Laboratories offers clients personalized service, scientific rigor and winning results. To find out how PharmaForensics Laboratories can be the science behind your litigation, contact us today.

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