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How We WorkPharmaForensics Laboratories provides comprehensive scientific litigation support services that cater to the needs of attorneys involved in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science product infringement matters. From the initial inquiry through the completion of the engagement, PharmaForensics Laboratories becomes an extension of your team. While each project is unique, the overall approach we follow remains the same:


Each project is different and we take the time to listen to your needs to understand the key points in the matter and what you need the technical analysis to accomplish.


Once we understand the scope of the matter and the specific needs of the analysis, we advise on the best approach to take. Sometimes this involves explaining the details of a protocol that is described in a patent. Other times, we need to propose an experiment that might be more effective. Our expert insight extends through the duration of the engagement, and has proven valuable during deposition and trial strategy development and preparation.


All work is supervised and executed by PhD scientists. PharmaForensics Laboratories is equipped to handle a variety of experimental analyses and techniques, including chemical analysis, biochemical analysis, chemical synthesis, genetics and molecular biology and genomics/microbiology—enabling us to be the sole provider for your experimental needs. Specialized equipment not housed at PFL may be accessed through core laboratories at the University of Michigan under external user agreements.


Do you have an urgent matter? No problem. Need work done outside the country? We can do that. Does your experiment require specialized equipment? We can access it. No matter the situation, we are flexible and equipped to respond to your specific project demands.


Communication is important to every client relationship at PharmaForensics Laboratories. Throughout the project engagement, you will have access to representatives from PharmaForensics Laboratories when you need it. We keep you informed on progress, and at the end of the engagement we deliver a comprehensive report containing all experimental detail and data analysis. We are also comfortable and experienced explaining our work at deposition and trial.

By following this approach, PharmaForensics Laboratories brings personalized attention, scientific rigor and winning results to all of our project engagements. To learn more about the scientific litigation support services of PharmaForensics Laboratories, contact us today. We look forward to partnering with you to be the science behind your litigation.

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