Strategic Consulting

Sometimes the decision to pursue litigation can be difficult for a company and their legal team. Many of these decisions, especially in Hatch-Waxman litigation, can benefit from consulting with technical experts who can independently evaluate critical scientific issues.

PharmaForensics Laboratories offers strategic consulting that provides clients with expert analysis to assist their decision making process. In this scope, our founders work together to review and summarize scientific and patent literature, search for prior art that could help render a patent invalid, and assess the obviousness of a patent within the realm of available prior art at the time of invention. All analyses are summarized in a detailed deliverable that quickly highlights key findings.

In addition to pre-litigation consulting, our services have proven beneficial throughout a project engagement. For example, on matters that we have engaged, our team has:

  • Helped identify relevant subject matter witnesses
  • Assisted with deposition preparation of key witnesses
  • Consulted during deposition of opposing witnesses
  • Conferred on trial preparation
  • Aided with demonstrative preparation
  • Testified at both deposition and trial

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