Chemical Synthesis

Chemical SynthesisFor infringement matters involving pharmaceutical products, the legal team sometimes finds it necessary to synthetically produce the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) at issue, or a key intermediate that is required in the synthesis of the API. This type of work is especially relevant in Hatch-Waxman litigation, in which there may be contested prior art or obviousness issues at play.

To accomplish the needs of attorney clients, PharmaForensics Laboratories offers customized synthetic chemical services. Our dedicated synthetic laboratory is equipped with all necessary equipment and reagents to accomplish multi-milligram, multi-step syntheses of desired chemical compounds.

Upon successful synthesis, chemical analysis is often required to assess a certain property of the synthetic chemical compound. In addition to chemical synthesis, PharmaForensics Laboratories also offers a wide variety of chemical analysis, thus offering our clients significant value. Rather than having to hire two separate labs, attorneys can hire PharmaForensics Laboratories to provide a complete synthesis and analytical solution, saving both time and money.

If your intellectual property matter requires the synthesis of a chemical compound, contact PharmaForensics Laboratories today to find out how we can we provide you with timely, customized chemical synthesis and analysis.

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