Scientific Litigation Support

Intellectual property infringement matters that involve pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences products present unique challenges to a legal team. This is due to the need to not only understand complex technical issues but also produce experimental data required to support the position of the subject matter expert. To reduce this complexity, PharmaForensics Laboratories offers a full spectrum of scientific litigation support services that are solely focused on the needs of attorney clients. Our confidential strategic consulting service provides critical pre-litigation expertise and analysis by experienced PhD scientists.  Further, in our well-equipped, DEA licensed laboratory we can apply state of the art experimental techniques to a wide range of scientific questions involving chemical analysis, biochemical analysis, chemical synthesis, genomics & microbiology, and genetics & molecular biology.

Our litigation support services are customized to meet the unique needs of our clients. For projects that require scientific equipment that is not available in our laboratory, we have arrangements with the University of Michigan that allow us to access specialized instrumentation in their core facilities. In addition, we have established relationships with several preferred partners who can provide us with confidential services such as DNA sequencing and animal husbandry. When you hire PharmaForensics Laboratories, you hire much more than a contract laboratory. We become your trusted partner, providing you with personalized, customized, and timely consultation and technical services. Unlike a contract laboratory, we don’t just send you results, we provide you with the expert analysis that compliments your subject matter expert, thus offering additive value to your team. If your litigation matter involves a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or life sciences product, contact us today to see how we can be the science behind your litigation.  Find out what a growing number of attorneys already know.